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Sur les Pas de Saint Jacques

Jean-Raymond & Armelle

“One encounter that really touched us. It was a phone‐call from a 13 yearold
boy asking us for a reservation for a twin room for July 12th 2016.
Initially we thought it was a childish telephone prank. But then he presented
his case like an adult, explaining: ʼWell, my grandfather is very old, heʼs 80,
heʼs still in good health. I want to spend some unforgettable time with him,
I want to do part of the Route with him. Thatʼs why I have to make all the
reservations between Le Puy‐en‐Velay and Conques.ʼ That child took care
of all the bookings for 12 days of walking. His grandfather was proud of

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